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Apple iPod Touch

By on September 26, 2010
Apple iPod Touch 4G

Apple has launched its latest fourth generation iPod Touch as Apple iPod Touch 4G. This latest Apple iPod Touch 4G is having many improved features. This latest iPod Touch is having free Facetime video charts, so that you can chit chat with your friends with this iPod.

Apple’s biggest challenge for the iPod touch was a camera that would match that of its cousin the iPhone. Engadet reports that the camera on the rear of the device has the capability for 720p video meaning that the highest resolution is 1280 x 720 for video. When being used for still photographs the resolution then becomes 960 x 720. For lower ratios it is 720p at a 4:3 ratio.

The iPod Touch camera is also great for adjusting the brightness of the camera to match that of the room in which the photo is being taken automatically. It also offers an easy to read photo caption. The A4 chip is also amazing at being power-saving as any owner of an iPod knows how quickly the battery diminishes.

The jist and nub is that the iTouch is an amazing piece of technology that ultimately has the user at mind.

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