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O2 services back to normal after two days of outage

By on July 12, 2012

O2 have announced that they have resolved the issues with their network.

O2 said, “Our tests now show that all our 2G and 3G services have been fully restored for affected customers”.

“If any customers are still having problems we recommend they turn their phone off and on again.”

GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile were also affected by the problems on the O2 network.

There has still been little explaination as to what caused the problems to its network.

“We can confirm that the problem with our mobile service is due to a fault with one of our network systems, which has meant some mobile phone numbers are not registering correctly on our network,” said O2.

France Telecom’s mobile network Orange has experienced similar problems last week, with an Alcatel-Lucent equipment software upgrade partly to blame.

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