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No More Text Message Spoofing on iPhone with iOS 6

By on October 3, 2012

If you closely follow all Apple news you should remember that hackers found a dangerous text message security flaw on iPhone devices. That flaw could let bad guys do SMS spoofing. Did the Cupertino-based company do anything about that issue back then? No, it didn’t. Still Apple assured that its customers could get iMessage app and this would protect them from SMS spoofing.


With the iOS 6 release this September Apple has rectified the program on the new firmware. And now the company killed the flaw by releasing its new firmware version.


SMS Spoofing Flaw on iPhone


You might wonder who has discovered the flaw? The guy known as Pod2g in the iOS jailbreaking world warned Apple and all iPhone users about the existing problem. The text message spoofing flaw could let attackers get iPhone owners’ personal information.


According to Pod2g, when two devices exchange texting messages, their carriers are transporting the data between them. All SMS messages are converted to Protocol Description Unit and then passed to the iPhone baseband to be delivered.


There are options in UDH section which can be used to change the respond address of SMS if enabled. In case the destination device supports it and if the user who is getting the texting message replies to the text, he or she won’t be able to respond to the original number. His or her message will be forwarded to the specified number.


As most mobile operator never check this part of SMS bad guys can write in it whatever they like.


iOS 6 Update Saves You from Text Message Spoofing on iPhone


On other iOS versions attackers could SMS you from a number that looked like your bank’s number, etc. asking for certain data from you. Luckily, the iOS 6 update has solved the problem. And since text message flaw is closed, there will be no SMS spoofing on iPhone 5 and other models running the new firmware.


What do you think about these facts? I believe it’s great that no one would be able to spoof users on the iPhone through the flaw discovered by Pod2g. Actually, Apple has included a lot of various security fixes to its iOS 6 so all new and old customers who update to this operating system should stay protected. And surely there will be no need to use iMessage all the time from now on. You can simply exchange SMS messages with your friends.



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