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New iPhone 5 Pictures Leaked

By on June 13, 2012
iphone 5

New pictures supposedly of the new iPhone 5 have been published online.

The set of photo’s of the iPhone 5 were released by a Chinese tech site. The pictures shows the fully assembled model with a new larger screens.

The photo’s certainly look very convincing and there is a high chance that they could be pictures of the new iPhone 5.

Apple Insider had later picked up the images and published them on its site with the caption,
‘unable to confirm the accuracy of the photos’.

The images of the new iPhone 5 support a lot of the rumours surrounding the new version of the phone.

Suggested new features were larger speakers and metal casing to replace the fragile glass casing.

However there has still been no official word from Apple as fans were left disappointed this week after receiving no further updates at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

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