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iPhone 5 to be launched next week

By on September 5, 2012
iphone 5 new

Rumours surrounding the new iPhone 5 have been ignited around a possible launch of the new phone as early as next week.

The real release date of the iPhone 5 have been kept locked down. Apple sent invites to a “special event” next week, shortly before Nokia and Microsoft announced details of two new phones in New York.

Nokia has been losing ground to Samsung in recent months, so they are under great pressure to succeed.

Journalists have been sent emails from Apple inviting them to an event on Wednesday 12 September, including the headline, “it’s almost here”.

It also features a figure 12 with a shadow that appears to be the number 5 – seemingly confirming the company will announce the arrival of the iPhone 5.

It has roughly been a year since the firm revealed the iPhone 4S.

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