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Facebook to partner with HTC to produce low cost phone called HTC First

By on April 7, 2013
htc first

htc first
Facebook will be releasing a new app for homescreen called Home. The aim of the aim will be to make social media much more easily accessible and will run on Android phones. The first of which will be the HTC First costing just $99 in the US.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “We can’t wait to put it in your hands”.

It has been rumoured that Facebook wanted to crack their way into the smartphone industry but there has been no solid evidence until now.

The new app was demoed by the Facebook team in California along with its official unveiling.

The announcement of the app was just the starter as Zuckerberg then handed over to HTC’s Peter Chou who said that the new HTC phones will come with HOME preloaded onto it.


The HTC First will be the first phone created in partnership with Facebook and is thought to be around £65 when it hits the UK market on contract.

A HTC spokesperson said, “HTC has a history of beautifully designed hardware that people are proud to carry, and the HTC First is an extension of that heritage”. “Facebook had many options for a hardware partner to deliver this first device, and by choosing HTC they have solidified our place as a design leader in the industry.”

With the new app installed on the phone, users will no longer be greeted by a digital clock, instead they will be greeted by content from their Facebook newsfeed. The idea being that you will also be connected to your Facebook.

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