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Blackberry tablet will have full Flash support

By on July 13, 2010
blackberry tablet

Blackberry’s much-rumoured tablet device looks to be real and packing Flash support within it, according to those close to RIM.

The device is due to arrive before the year’s end, the tablet would be about 7 inches in size with 2 cameras for video calling and a 1GHz Marvell processor.

If that processor turned out to be a Marvell Armada 610, RIM’s BlackBerry tablet could be a very capable machine indeed. The Armada 610 boasts full HD 1080p video playback, 16 MP photo capture, as well as the ability to show 3D content too.

Flash support

Not only will the BlackBerry tablet have a seven-inch screen, dual cameras and 1080p functionality, according to the source, it will also have Flash support.

As Flash seems to be Steve Jobs’ Kryptonite at the moment, this is definitely something which BlackBerry will have over the iPad.

BlackBerry showed off its new OS this week (BlackBerry 6 OS) which may also hint at what is to come with its tablet device. The main upgrades seem to be better web surfing and integration of social-networking features.

If other rumours are correct, the BlackBerry tablet will have a UK release date of December.

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