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Nintendo DSi XL goes on sale March 5

By on January 14, 2010
Nintendo DSi XL goes on sale March 5

Nintendo DSi XL goes on sale March 5

The DSi XL features two 4.2in screens – 93 per cent bigger than the displays on the Nintendo DS Lite – as well as a wider viewing angle that allows people to cluster around the console for a “social gaming” experience.

The device is aimed at casual gamers who prefer to play on a hand-held console at home, rather than when on the move. It’s also better suited to games that require a bigger, clearer screen, and the greater precision afforded by the DSi XL’s chunky stylus.

Nintendo said the DSi XL – which went on sale in Japan last November – would be available in two colours: wine red and dark brown. It also comes pre-loaded with two games, including Dr Kawashima’s Little Bit of Brain Training, one of the most recent installments in the popular Brain Training series of mental agility titles.

The DSi XL is the fourth DS model to be launched by Nintendo. Since the original Nintendo DS went on sale in 2005, the Japanese gaming giant has sold more than 100 million hand-held games consoles around the world.
Its DS range and Wii home games console have been credited with bringing a new audience to gaming, but this focus on so-called “casual” games has drawn criticism from some of Nintendo’s older fans, who feel their “hardcore” gaming needs are being neglected in the pursuit of this new demographic.
Nintendo is yet to confirm the price of the DSi XL, but said that there would be a “slight premium” on the trade price at which the unit is sold to retailers compared to the smaller-screen Nintendo DSi, but that the final price will be determined by the shops themselves. Most games industry experts expect the DSi XL to cost a little more than the DSi, which retails for around £140.

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