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Grand Theft Auto V coming in time for Christmas

By on April 10, 2012

The gaming community currently assume that the new Grand Theft Auto V won’t be in the shops until April/May 2013. But according to the online CV and LinkedIn profile of character animator Alex O’Dwyer it could be out sooner than that.

Alex O’Dwyer’s LinkedIn profile has since been edited and his CV taken off, fueling suspicion. But the real question here is would a relatively small cog in Rockstar’s wheels, such as O’Dwyer, really know when the game was going to come out?

He’d know his own deadlines at least, but the listing on his CV may simply have been an educated guess on his part. In either case all references to the game have now been removed, although website Joystiq did take a quick screenshot before it went.
Although many of the previous Grand Theft Auto games, but not Grand Theft Auto IV, have been released close to Christmas the complete lack of any information on the new game, beyond the solitary trailer below, makes an October release seem unlikely.

But then Rockstar often don’t show very much of their games prior to their release, so it’s not impossible.

However, parent company Take-Two Interactive also has BioShock Infinite out on October 19 and although they’re not at all similar games it seems unlikely Take-Two would want to split their resources over two massive games coming out at almost exactly the same time.

But then when did publishers ever start making sense with their release schedules…?

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