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iPad 3 – What you need to know

By on April 17, 2012

The new iPad, iPad 3, is the third generation of iPad with new features and amazing improvements over the older iPad. It is a brilliant tablet computer and has been available since March 16, 2012. First things first, how different is the new iPad from the older iPad 2. With respect to design, like the iPad 2, iPad 3 also comes with a glass and aluminium build that looks sleek and beautiful. The iPad 3 is just a little thicker, just a few centimetres, and odds are you won’t even notice that. Of course, this thickness enables the new iPad to power an excellent HD display that the older iPad doesn’t have.


Moving on to the resolution, iPad 3 surpasses all the older iPad models combines. The new iPad has a resolution that is four times more clear, smooth, and sharp than iPad 2. You can’t even spot a pixel no matter how hard you try. iPad 3 also has a Retina display that brings life to the colours on the screen and makes the text as sharp as a razor. iPad 3 has a stunning performance even when it comes to gaming. It has four graphic processing cores that make gaming and using applications a delight. A fully charged iPad 3 has an incredible 10 hours of battery life. The camera is also upgraded to 5 mega pixels and that when combined with the Retina display, makes the images clearer, sharper, and life-like.

iPad 3 is everything that a laptop is. Only, you can touch everything with your finger. Whether it is browsing through photos, turning the pages of an e-book, playing a virtual piano, you can now do all this by actually touching the object inside the screen. No more using a mouse or a keyboard. Truly, the iPad 3 is a breakthrough in the world of technology. You can use iPad 3 to watch movies, create videos and applications, read books, chat, and what not. Embedded in iPad 3 is the latest wireless technology that enables you fast connections to the world. There is no data network around the world that you can not connect to with iPad 3. You can use it as your personal hotspot and remain assured that your downloads will be no less then super-duper fast.

Another mind-blowing feature in iPad 3 is the new way of typing, just dictate. By tapping the microphone option on-screen you can start the dictation process, speak, tap again and viola, your words are transcribed on the screen. With iPad 3 you can dictate your new social network status, compose an email, perform a Google search, and create a note without even typing. All you have to do is speak and let the iPad 3 work its magic. Last but not the least, in addition to built in apps iPad 3 also has a huge app store from where you can download apps designed specifically for iPad 3. They are fun, useful, and at times free. They make the whole iPad experience much more exciting.

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