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Apple iPad UK release later this year say rumours

By on April 17, 2012

Social networks are buzzing with rumours that the new iPad could be released as early as autumn this year.

The new iPad will be a smaller version with a 19.9cm (7.85in) screen, compared with the 24.6cm (9.7in) one of the existing iPad.

Chinese web portal NetEase is first to have surfaced the rumour based on reports that Apple are placing orders with factories in the region.

The reports also hint that the new iPad mini could cost between £157 and £188, with an initial 6million units being readied for launch.

The new smaller version of the iPad that would be cheaper will be able to compete against rivals, including upcoming tablets using new Windows 8 software and budget devices such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The rumours have been met with comments on Twitter, with one saying: ‘Apple planning an iPad Mini. I thought they already had one: the iPhone.’

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