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Nikon D300s Review

By on June 2, 2012

Upon its first launching in the market in July 2009, the Nikon D300s made an impact and was received well. The Nikon D300s is a digital SLR with a 12.3-megapixel sensor and is equipped with a video capability.

Even though the additions that have been seen in the Nikon D300s are somewhat seen in the previous models (movie feature from the D90 and the virtual horizon from the D3), what makes it different is the genuine inclusion of the contrast-detection autofocus that operates while in movie mode. It is a definitely a first for a Nikon DSLR.

The movie mode of the D300s is similar to that of the Nikon D90, but it is also equipped with a couple of differences. Videos are captured as Motion JPEG compressed AVI files having a frame rate of 24 frames per second. It can take clips as long as five minutes and it has a full movie-mode resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The clip length can be extended to a maximum of twenty minutes if the resolution is reduced to either 640 x 424 o 320 x 216 pixels. 2 GB is approximately the maximum movie file size. The D300s also offers movie editing capabilities making it possible to set both start and end points in the existing clip. The edited draft can be saved to either the CF or SD, while the raw clip remains unchanged.

The Nikon D90 was restricted solely to an internal monaural microphone. On the other hand, the D300s offers the capability to connect an external microphone having a 3.5mm stereo input jack located under the rubber flap of the cameras left side.

The quiet mode is also highlighted such that it features a quiet shutter release mode. Compared to other cameras, it also has extra-high and auto active D-lighting settings. It allows the camera to choose which level is appropriate for the scene being photographed.

A non-latched card door, like that of the D700, is also found in the D300s. Behind it, it includes both a CF and an SD slot. If you’d like to ask how this works, it can be explained that it should be able to use one after the other, write back-ups, and formats like RAW and JPEG to different cards are saved. The Nikon D300s is more similar to the D700 than any other camera because it includes a standard multi-controller with separate central button that records movies in live view. The memory card door also has a favorable sliding design, making Canon and Nikon users pleased with the change.

Boosting the continuous shooting speed, the camera is now capable of shooting 7-8 frames per shooting, unlike its predecessor (Nikon 300) which shoots at 6 frames per second. The camera allows most shooting setting to be changed more quickly.

It weighs about 1.85 pounds (840g) and it has a strong magnesium alloy body for a rock-solid texture. It is designed to seal itself from dust and moisture making it convenient.

The Nikon D300s is one of the most recommended cameras for semi professional photography and it also is attractive for professionals who are searching for an extra camera body without hurting their bank accounts.

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